Mouth Swab Drug Test Facts

Mouth swab drug test is a fairly common test that is carried out across various sectors, all over the world. A lot of people however, are not entirely aware about the mouth swab drug test facts. In this article, we will discuss the facts that you must know with respect to a mouth swab or a saliva drug test. 

mouth swab drug test facts

Why Do People Perform Mouth Swab Tests? 

Mouth swab drug tests, also known as saliva drug tests, are alternatives to the common urine drug tests used in sports. Mouth swab drug tests are easier and more efficient. It requires less privacy when performing the test. The results cannot be easily tampered with as well. All these reasons make mouth swab drug tests the best choice for checking for substance abuse. 

How Are Mouth Swab Drug Tests Being Conducted?

First, the patient will be asked to refrain from eating 10 minutes before the test. During the test, the patient will be instructed to wipe the swab – often a piece of cotton bud shaped like a sponge – around his mouth. This will absorb the oral fluid in the mouth onto the swab. It will mostly be rubbed against the cheeks or under the tongue. It will take two minutes for sufficient oral fluid to be collected, and the swab will be placed in a container to prevent tampering. The swab is then sent to the lab to be further analyzed, but it can also be done on the test location as well. 

How Long Do The Results Of Mouth Swab Drug Tests’ Take To Be Released?

Mouth swab drug tests can have various timings for the results to appear. It may range from a couple of minutes or even up to 24 hours, but the more common mouth swab drug tests can get your results ready within a few minutes. 

Are The Results Accurate?

The results of a mouth swab drug test are scientifically proven to be almost 98 percent accurate. However, this number may vary. It depends on the type of mouth swab drug test used (Yes, there are various types!). The skills of the person performing the test can affect how accurate the results of the test would be. Whatever drug you consume and in what concentration, will also affect the accuracy. Typically, tests that take a short time to get results are not as accurate as test results that are done in the lab. On the other hand, urine and blood tests are typically more accurate. 

Where Are Mouth Swab Drug Tests Done At?

Mouth swab drug tests are conducted on the road with police checks, or simply by the police when you are in custody. It can also be done at your workplace.

Why Are Mouth Swab Drug Tests Done At Work? 

Employers commonly employ the use of mouth swab drug tests to check if their workers do consume drugs. It is meant for the safety of its employees and as an integrity check. For employers, it is an easy and convenient way to check on their employees.

What Can Be Detected In Mouth Swab Drug Tests?

Like the name of the test suggests, mouth swab drug tests will detect drugs in your oral fluids and saliva. More specifically, mouth swab drugs can detect common drugs like amphetamines (AMP), marijuana (THC), and methamphetamines (mAMP). However, it can also detect many other different substances that are not common, like alcohol, Barbiturates (BAR), Benzodiazepines (BZO), Cocaine (COC), Fentanyl (FEN), Methadone (MTD), Oxycodone (OXY), Phencyclidine (PCP) and Synthetic Marijuana (K2/Spice). These are the most common mouth swab drug tests requested. 

How Long Can These Substances Stay In The Mouth?

How long do drugs stay in your system depends on the nature of the drug. Typically, the drugs and substances mentioned above can be detected in a drug test at any time between 6 hours to a week. Methamphetamine, for example, can stay in your mouth for between a day to 5 before it can no longer be detected. Some substances would also take longer to “leave one’s mouth”, such as alcohol and amphetamine. 

What Does The Result Of A Mouth Swab Drug Test Look Like? 

It is a rather simple and easy process to interpret the results of a mouth swab drug test. 2 lines will appear on a panel in a candidate’s results, signifying that he has passed the mouth swab drug test (Different panels are used to test for different drugs.). As long as the 2 lines are visible (regardless of the line’s shade), you have definitely passed the mouth swab drug test. However, if there is only one line on the result, it is a failed mouth swab drug test. 

To prevent that from happening, always carry one capsule of Oral Clear Gum with you to prevent your drug consumption habits from getting detected.

Is It Possible To Pass A Mouth Swab Drug Test Even If You Consume Drugs?

It is not possible to pass a mouth swab drug test if you consume drugs, but it is possible, to bypass it. Some people may think that brushing one’s teeth excessively, drinking lots of water, or washing one’s mouth with Listerine will help them in passing the test. On the contrary, it does not help at all! 

Only a Saliva Neutralizing Gum, like the Oral Clear Gum, can help to eradicate the drug residues from your mouth. Oral Clear Gum neutralizes the drugs in your mouth and flushes it out of your mouth so that your mouth will be ‘clean’ and ready for a mouth swab drug test. It is hence possible to pass a drug test! Just make sure that you always have Oral Clear Gum with you in case you are given short notice for a mouth swab drug test.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Vs Urine Drug Test

Mouth swab drug tests typically have a shorter detection window for substance use when compared to urine drug tests, as drug residues will eventually be cleansed from the mouth naturally. Mouth swab drug tests are however more accurate as it has long detection times for substance use and it can even detect drug residues at low concentration. However, urine drug testing requires privacy for the collection of urine samples, and this allows a chance for results to be tampered with. Mouth swab drug tests are non-invasive and can be easily administered without problems. 

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